Notice: 2021 Airgun Show Cancelled

due to the rapidly increasing number of covid-19 cases in north carolina in recent weeks, we have made the decision to cancel the airgun show. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and look forward to greeting our attendees and vendors next year!

8th Annual North Carolina Airgun Show

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Air guns parts and air gun repair, Hickory NC.

When the air gun you spent a bundle for is in need of repair, contact TMac’s Air Gun Service. We offer complete service at competitive prices.

We can repair most brands and models including names like Daisy and Smith & Wesson.

We have repaired air guns of most all makes and models. Send us your current model or obsolete/antique air guns for fast and competent service today. We are an authorized repair center for Crosman which includes names such as Remington, Smith & Wesson, Benjamin/Sheridan, Umarex, Logan, Colt, Beretta, Walther and others. We buy airguns, air gun parts new or used, personal collections large or small, tools and complete air gun shops. We look forward to being of service to you.

Repairs Smith and Wesson Models: Cap Chur Tranquilizer Guns & other older Smith and Wesson air rifles & pistols. Also repairs Palmer Cap Chur tranquilizer guns Pneu-Dart & other tranquilizer guns.

All air gun repairs performed by TMac’s Air Gun Service are as follows: We will disassemble clean and then inspect your gun for missing, worn or damaged parts. The gun is then resealed. After resealing we test-fire all guns to evaluate performance using a Shooting Chrony Beta Master chronograph with a Shooting Chrony Ballistic Printer.